Tuesday, 22 July 2008 - 9:34am |

Assault on 77 year old woman

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A 77 year old woman says she was pushed into Colombo Street yesterday.

The woman states she was heading south on Colombo Street next to Sydenham Park between 4.45- 5pm when someone pushed her onto the road in front of traffic. She stumbled and fell, knocking her head on the ground. She also received a grazed elbow and a sore shoulder.

This was witnessed by three people who stopped and helped.

The alleged assailant has been described as a male/ caucasian, 5'8" tall, in his thirties, with short fair hair, light clothing and was walking a Golden Labrador which was in a dog harness. The man was last seen running west along Brougham Street.

Constable Alan Roberts says he would like to speak to anyone else who witnessed the incident. There would have been a lot of traffic at that time of day with people in cars and buses, generally traveling slowly.

Please contact Constable Roberts at Sydenham Station, phone 363 2500.