Friday, 1 August 2008 - 8:59am |

Agile burglar

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A burglar with a head for heights and agility has been operating in Central Christchurch recently, targeting apartment buildings.

Sergeant Phil Dean says that over the last two weeks six burglaries can be attributed to this unknown person. From information so far we know he is male, about 175cm tall, of medium build and wearing dark clothing.

"We can also assume he is reasonably athletic because he is targeting 2nd and 3rd floor apartments where people usually feel secure enough to not lock doors and windows," Sergeant Dean says. "All entry has been via balconies or insecure windows.

This person has no concern whether anyone is home not however has shown no propensity to violence. When he has been interrupted, he fled from the scene."

The six burglaries have been in the eastern central Christchurch city, Phillipstown and Linwood.

Sergeant Dean says everyone where ever they live should be vigilant about security and the simple measures will help to prevent most burglaries.

Use the "LEARN to stop Burglary" crime prevention tips.

Lock it: Ensure all windows are secured with quality locks

Environment: Know your property, see that there is nothing around to help a burglar such as a ladder or something like a wheelie bin to climb on.

Avoid advertising: Don't let the burglar know when you are not at home.

Record it: record all the serial numbers of your electronics and have photos of your treasures.

Neighbours: neighbours and Neighbourhood Support are some of your best crime prevention tools.

Any one who wishes to make a security survey of their home can obtain one from Christchurch Central Police or phone Sgt Phil Dean on 363 7630 to be posted a copy.