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Search of Waikato River resumes

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05 August 2008

Hamilton Police will resume a search of the Waikato River today looking for the body of a man who fell from a central city bridge on Saturday night.

Deon COWDREY, 21, was last seen struggling on the surface before disappearing from view in the swollen, fast flowing Waikato River.

Sergeant Jim Kernohan of Hamilton Police said a search was made yesterday in difficult conditions and it would be resumed today.

"The depth and flow of the river is currently quite strong because of heavy rains, this has also affected visibility in the water which hampers our search.

"Likewise access to river bank tracks is currently restricted due to safety issues with the river flooding low lying parts of the banks and the risk of slips."

Mr COWDREY'S family is also believed to be bringing two boats up from Rotorua to assist with the search today.

The current state of the river has meant it hasn't been safe enough to deploy the Wellington based Police Specialist Dive Squad but this is also being reviewed on a regular basis.