Wednesday, 20 August 2008 - 12:26pm |
National News

Dangerous driving on frosty morning

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North Canterbury Police are keeping an eye out for drivers who don't wipe their car windows clear of ice before driving to work.

If you can't see through the car windows then don't even think about trying to drive on the road, states the Canterbury Highway Patrol.

Driving blind or even partly blind is a recipe for disaster in these icy conditions says Canterbury Traffic Manager Derek Erasmus.

The driver is liable for a charge of careless use or an instant fine of $150

"This driver was stopped between 8am and 9am this morning on the northern motorway after traveling at 90 km ph. You can see his visibility is practically nil and it is not worth the risk to other road users," says Inspector Erasmus. "You need to see where you are going if you want to be a safe driver."

Police advise to use cold water or a scraper to clear your windscreen