Thursday, 21 August 2008 - 2:23pm |

Phone scam offers Lotto tickets

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Police Southern Communications Centre say they have had reports from a number of people ringing to report a phone scam using the 'Lotto' name.

The male caller informs the person that they have won some lotto tickets and just has to get some details off them.

The 'details' they ask for are name, address, marital status, what hours they worked, and when they would be home to receive their tickets.

One of the informants thought it was all a bit suspicious and said she would be happy to have the tickets posted out. The caller was not interested in this option.

The male caller is described as sounding Asian or Indian

People are warned to not give their personal details over the phone to someone not known to them, nor such information as when they are home or bank and credit card details.