Thursday, 28 August 2008 - 9:44am |
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Taser decision finalised

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The Commissioner of Police, Howard Broad, has finalised his decision to introduce tasers as a tactical weapon option.

Mr Broad said that as nothing new emerged from the debate in Parliament on the issue he saw no need to delay finalisation of his decision further.

The debate repeated positions advanced publicly over the last two years.

"Nevertheless, the debate did bring to an end the long and thorough period of trialling, evaluation, analysis and consultation.

"We will now take steps to reintroduce the 32 tasers to the three Auckland districts and the Wellington district. Before that can happen the tasers will need to be retrofitted with cameras and appropriate refresher training undertaken. It will, therefore, be several months before the tasers will make an appearance as a tactical weapon option," said Mr Broad.

The Commissioner indicated that a budget bid would be made for the next financial year to equip the remaining 8 districts with tasers.


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