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Fake licences being made in schools

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29 September 2008

Waikato Police are asking schools and education providers to be wary of what students are doing with their technology suites after several arrests related to the manufacture of false driving licences.

Constable Murray Macdonald of the Hamilton Police Liquor Licensing Team said over the past eight months he had received several drivers' licences from city bar staff.

"These are real licences that have been presented as identification by people trying to gain entry to licensed premises," he said.

"Of the large number of people spoken to about 130 had Police action taken against them."

Mr Macdonald said Police suspected people had no idea just how much trouble they could get into producing someone else's licence as identification.

"It's fraud and not only can the person presenting the fake identification be prosecuted but the owner as well."

"The maximum penalty for such an offence is $2000," he said.

Not only are real drivers' licences falling into the wrong hands but completely fraudulent licences are being manufactured, some on school computers.

"So far there have been 10 people charged who have gone before the courts on a total of 22 charges for altering or using forged documents. In the latest incident a man was interviewed for similar offending this morning.

"Those involved have predominantly been underage and are playing for high stakes with the maximum penalty for such offending being up to 10-years-imprisonment."

Police are concerned such documents are being produced in schools and are asking education providers to take greater steps in monitoring usage of their equipment.