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District Crime Statistics - Fiscal Year 2007/08

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Waitemata Police District Commander [Acting] Superintendent John Kelly, says the District's total recorded crime in the fiscal year ending 30 June 2008, has remained at a similar level to last year which is in line with overall expectation.

Crime figures released today show a less than one percent increase in recorded crime for the year ending 30 June 2008 compared to 2007.

"This equates to a one percent reduction per head of population, given that the District's population has continued to rise in this same period," he said.

"Waitemata Police resolved 53% of recorded offences in the District this past fiscal year. This is up from 50% in 2007 and above the national average of 47%. I consider this to be a most satisfactory outcome."

"Recorded violence rose 4% in the year. This is less than the national average of 11%. It is pleasing to note that these increases in the number of violent offences were at the less serious end of the spectrum. Homicides, Grievous Assaults, Serious Assaults incidents, all reduced," Superintendent Kelly said.

"We know a lot of our violence is driven by alcohol and to a certain extent drugs. While a significant amount of violence continues to be unreported, it is encouraging that women are now reporting family violence in greater numbers that ever before. This demonstrates that there is full confidence in the work being done in this arena by police and partner agencies."

"The challenge of Police and partner agencies now is to prevent repeat family violence victimisation and this is a key focus for all police. Work being done by the new dedicated family violence unit in conjunction with partner agencies is certainly making an impact in the Waitakere area of our District".

"A concentrated effort has been made with our partner agencies, including Waitakere City Council, CYFS, Maori, Pacific and our Ethnic groups. This has resulted in a more cohesive approach to reducing the fear of crime".

"This District has been fortunate to obtain a large proportion of the government's new initiative staffing allocation. I have placed 13 of the 18 allocated community staff to problem solving teams."

"Our Volunteer Community Patrols in Orewa, Kumeu and Whangaparaoa are achieving considerable success. The local community response is excellent. Many people willingly give of their time to fully support the local Police staff."

"Local authorities have put liquor bans in place in a number of locations within the District at Snell's Beach, Algies Bay and Martins Bay. These have been well received by local residents. As a result, the number of recorded offences for breaching a liquor ban has risen sharply from 15 last year to 190 in 2007-08."

"Together with the implementation of these liquor bans, closer interagency cooperation in relation to family violence, and the community focused problem solving approach, we will continue our commitment to combating violence in our community."

"The number of Dishonesty offences continues its long-term decrease. In the 20007-08 year there were only 386 recorded Dishonesty offences per 10,000 populations, compared with 408 the year before and 570 in 1998-99."

"Police have for a number of years maintained a focus on reducing crimes of particular concern to the community, such as dwelling burglary, and theft both of and from motor vehicles. It is therefore pleasing to see that previous

Inroads are being sustained."

"The level of road fatalities in this District is the lowest since 1980. This is due in part to the excellent work of all our Road Policing Staff, with high visibility, a professional focus and continued vigilance".

"Nevertheless, one area that continues to be an issue in this District is the attitude towards drinking and driving."

"I intend to continue to invest in our staff, ensuring that they are visible, well informed of their duties, engaged with our partners, and placed in positions where they will effectively serve our community," Superintendent Kelly said.


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