Monday, 6 October 2008 - 4:49pm |

Operation Lowry- search for Tisha continues

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Police are continuing to search through information from the public, family and friends in an effort to locate missing woman Tisha Lowry.

Ms Lowry has now not been seen since around miday, Thursday 25 September, by a family member in the Hampshire Street area. Family reported her missing on Sunday. Tisha has not had any known contact with family or friends since that day.

People who know Tisha or anything about her whereabouts or actions are asked to contact the inquiry team. Police are still looking for any information or clues to locate Tisha.

A man is believed to have been seen walking with Tisha along Wainoni Road towards Hampshire Street when she was carrying a box of Double Brown beer on Thursday 25 September between 10.45am and 11.00am. He is described as;

A male, dark skinned, possibly Maori

Dark hair No 1 cut

Thin build

Wearing jeans

Mid 20 to 30's.

This man has not yet identified himself to police.

Police are also interested in speaking with anyone who was associating with Tisha at the Bower Tavern on the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to her disappearance on that Thursday.

This information is required to build a picture of Tisha's activities prior to her disappearance says Ms Le Bas.

"We have an open mind and are continuing to focus on locating Tisha, says DSS Le Bas. "We need to check all possibilities."

As part of checking all possibilities Search and Rescue will be out on the Avon River tomorrow morning starting at 6.30am (time chosen because of the tides). They will be launching from the New Brighton Power Boat ramp, intersection of Hardy Street and Owles Tce. O/C will be Snr Constable Phil Simmons.

A message from Tanya Lowry, Tisha's mother. Police endorse her;

"Myself and my family appeal to any of Tisha's friends or anyone who may have seen Tisha on Thursday 25 September 2008 to please come forward.

Someone has to know where she is.

Please Tisha, we just want you to come home."