Tuesday, 7 October 2008 - 4:38pm |
National News

Family plea for information

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Police were very impressed with the public response this morning when they spoke to motorists about missing Christchurch woman Tisha Lowry.

DSS Virginia Le Bas says that the team of about 9 officers gave out over 1200 flyers to drivers on Wainoni Road as Search and Rescue searched the Avon River and estuary.

"They were very impressed with public response and will be following up any information over the next few days," she says. "Nothing of interest to the inquiry was recovered from the river or estuary."

About 35 officers are on the inquiry team plus specialist groups as needed in the search for Tisha.

"This is a positive investigation and we have to be methodical in our approach and take time in collating information," says Ms Le Bas.

The man sought by police has still not been identified but police are happy that it was a genuine sighting. DSS Le Bas says that there is a lot of information in the community but police are having to be a bit proactive 'to get out there and get it.'


Tisha Lowry is my older sister. She is an outgoing, loveable person. Tisha has lived a very full life, touching many along the way. Tisha is a very family oriented person. She has strong bonds with my mother Tanya, and her grandfather Harry, Jacob my younger brother, and Nathan my older brother. Along with my Dad Trevor, we are all very worried about Tisha. Her disappearance is ripping the heart out of all who know and love her. We want nothing more than to have her home again, back with the family where she belongs.

If there is any person that has any information whatsoever, no matter how insignificant they think it may be, we the family, implore you to contact the Police.

Leanne, her sister