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Tawa students urged to be vigilant

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Police are urging Tawa residents, especially young people, to be vigilant after yet another incident involving a man approaching a student on her way to school.

Detective Simon Humphries, Porirua CIB, said there has been three incidents in six weeks of a man, described as an Indian, following Tawa Intermediate or Tawa College students, and in two cases offering students a ride.

"The young people, two girls and a boy, have all been by themselves when approached," he said. "They've done the right thing by refusing to get into vehicles, have kept walking and either caught up with other groups of students walking, or alerted teachers.

"We're concerned that this man is getting bolder in his approach and we want public help in finding him before something more sinister happens."

Detective Humphries said the latest incident happened about 10am on Tuesday, 14 October, on Kenepuru Drive, Porirua. The man, described as Indian, and in his 20s, was driving a two toned maroon coloured five door Toyota RAV4 or similar with black on the lower panels, roof racks and a spare wheel on the back door.

He asked a Tawa College female student for directions to Tawa, and then continued to follow the student making her feel worried about his intentions.

"He claimed he didn't know the area very well but was able to find her when she took an alternative route to evade him," Detective Humphries said. "The man offered her a ride several times but she declined his advances and safely reached school."

The student said the man was of medium build, with short, dark hair, and had spots on his face. This is similar to the description given by another student after a previous incident.

Detective Humphries said the vehicle involved last week was different to one that featured in an incident on 29 August. "This is not unusual as the person we're seeking may have access to several cars."

Police urge residents to be vigilant and immediately report to police the descriptions of people they believe to be acting suspiciously.

The student in this latest incident has worked with police on a computer sketch of the man who approached her.

If you recognise him, have seen the Toyota Rav4 or similar in the Kenepuru Drive, Linden area or have any information about these incidents, please call Detective Humphries at Porirua CIB on 04 238 1401.


Released by Kaye Calder

Wellington Police District communications manager

tel 04 496 3464 or 0274 373 020