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Police divers search Waikato River

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23 October 2008

Police divers were scouring a section of the Waikato River today searching for a man missing since Saturday evening.

Fahad Brahmim ALSALMAH, 25, a Saudi national, was last seen on Saturday evening, shortly before midnight, when his car was pursued by Police from the Lochiel Golf Course to the Narrows Bridge.

Mr ALSALMAH stopped his car in the vicinity of the bridge and proceeded on foot in the direction of the river.

Detective Sergeant Neville Ross of Hamilton CIB said enquiries into activity on Mr ALSALMAH'S cell phone and bank account showed neither had been used since Saturday.

"Other enquiries at his home address and with associates have drawn a blank as well," said Mr Ross.

"To that end we are considering the possibility Mr ALSALMAH may have drowned in the river hence the presence of the Police dive team and the launching of the Police rescue boat over previous days."

Mr ALSALMAH is described as being of Middle Eastern complexion, of thin build and about 185cm tall.

Anyone with information on Mr ALSALMAH'S whereabouts is asked to contact Mr Ross at the Hamilton Central Police Station on 07 858 6200.