Wednesday, 29 October 2008 - 3:29pm |

Two dozen green skirts

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On 27 September 2008 about 2 dozen green Hockey skirts were handed into the Central Police Station along with a set of number plates that have been established to have been stolen.

It was initially thought that they might have been netball skirts but none appear to be missing from any of the local schools or clubs. (Representatives from the Canterbury Netball Club and both Primary and High Schools Netball organizations have been contacted).

It was then that suggested that they might have been hockey skirts.

These items were found in a rubbish drum in an Addington park and handed in at Christchurch Central Police Reception.

The skirts are green, in multiple sizes - probably high school sized players - labelled with "NS" and then a number; they number up to '46'.

Police Intell cannot establish where they have come from.

If anyone can identify where these skirts have come from and help return them, police would be delighted.

Senior Constable Kirk Newman, Customer Services Section, Central Police Station, Christchurch, phone 363-7655.