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Police release name of person found in the Waikato River

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Waikato Police have released the name of the person whose body was recovered from the Waikato River on the 28th October. He was Fahad Brahmin Alsalmah, a 25-year-old Saudi citizen, who was in New Zealand as a student.

Mr Alsalmah disappeared after being pursued by a Police patrol at around 11:30pm on Saturday the 18th October. The pursuit ended when the car driven by Mr Alsalmah crashed near the Narrows Bridge in Hamilton. Mr Alsalmah was last seen by Police running towards the bridge and the Waikato River. His body was recovered from the river at Taupiri on the 28th October.

The Waikato Coroner, Mr Gordon Matenga, and Waikato Police have been working closely with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Australia to ensure that Mr Alsalmah's family have been kept informed and understand the circumstances of his disappearance.

"In circumstances such as these effective communication is essential. The circumstances are tragic for Mr Alsalmahs' family and it has been helpful to meet with the Royal Saudi Emabassy as representatives to explain exactly what happened, and to act as liaison for the family. I want to ensure the family are given accurate information to avoid any misunderstanding." said Mr Matenga.

Mr Alsalmah's body currently remains in New Zealand while his release to Saudi officials and family is finalised.

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