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Show Week - the lead up to Christmas.

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Show Week is traditionally hot, busy and in Canterbury heralds the beginning of the festive season. From the races to New Year, it's party time.

There is a disturbing increase in the number of sexual offence complaints in the summer months, says Inspector Knowles.

Women and men should be mindful of their own safety and endeavour to not get into situations where, through excess alcohol or isolation from others, they are unable to maintain control of the situation.

Police advise that people go out in groups and 'keep an eye on each other'. Women are advised not to accept drinks or let friends accept drinks from strangers. If leaving with someone you didn't arrive with, ensure that you tell your friends, says Inspector Gary Knowles.

"It's not about being moral but being sensible and safe," he says. "You wouldn't let your friend drive when drunk, so make sure they get home safely. A person with too much alcohol is a very easy target for an assault, theft or accident."

"Leaving with someone you don't know, going to a property you don't know, or deciding to walk home at night alone can all be situations where you end up out of control," he says. "Get a taxi home and if you feel concerned in that, get a ride to a house or a friend whom you know."

Inspector Knowles reminds those out on the town that the 3am one way door policy will be strictly enforced.

Those enjoying a drink out on the town should take care to keep an eye on their jackets, car keys and credit cards. It's easy for a thief to rifle through a jacket over the back of a chair or bag left while someone is getting a drink. Patrons are advised to only take to town what they can carry and only what they need to go out.

"If passing over your card to start a tab, make sure you pick it up, and check the amount of money before you sign as you leave," says Gary Knowles.

"Recent cases have also shown that you should be very careful when using your PIN number. Don't let anyone see you input the number and never tell anyone your PIN."