Monday, 1 December 2008 - 9:56am |

Safe driver responsibility encouraged as Christmas nears

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Be safe on the roads this Christmas and give alcohol a miss if you plan to drive after attending festive season functions.

Inspector Peter Baird, Wellington District Road Policing Manager, says there's no excuse for drinking and driving and people need to be responsible for their actions.

A police Traffic Alcohol Group operation on Friday night resulted in over 2200 vehicles stopped and drivers breath tested near Tawa on State Highway 1. Fifteen people are facing drink drive charges, four are facing disqualified driving and other traffic charges, and four men were arrested for unlawfully taking a motor vehicle.

Inspector Baird said police were very concerned by the number of people caught drinking after attending Christmas parties.

"It really is a no brainer," he says. "Alcohol and driving don't mix. There's plenty of alternative transport options that will get you home safely without having to drink and drive.

"People want to have fun but we want them to get home safely without putting themselves or the lives of others at risk."

Inspector Baird says more drink drive operations are planned between now and New Year.

He urges people to:

  • be a responsible host and ensure food and non alcohol drinks are available  • pre-arrange taxis, shuttle buses or other safe transport alternatives to get people home  • appoint someone in your group as the sober driver for the night. They're in charge of the car keys.  • think safety. Look after your friends and family members to make sure they don't drink and drive.

"This is simple common sense advice which everyone should follow," Inspector Baird says. "Don't ruin your Christmas or that of others by becoming a drink drive statistic."