Thursday, 4 December 2008 - 9:51am |

Police Kick Off Oreti Beach Campaign

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Invercargill police are launching a traffic campaign at Oreti Beach, targeting vehicle speed and safety so that the area is a safe place for all beach users.

Weather permitting, the campaign will start this weekend (5-7 December) with traffic staff issuing fliers with safety messages to people who are taking a vehicle on the beach, monitoring safe vehicle use and checking warrants and registrations.

"We want to get the message out there that Oreti Beach is a road and therefore all road rules apply," said Road Policing Senior Sergeant Kerrin Price.

A 30km an hour speed restriction applies to all motor vehicles that use the beach and signs are visible from the beach's main entrance on Dunn's Road and the north entrance off Ferry Road.

"Our main concern relates to road safety. Since 2002 police have attended and reported on 35 injury crashes and another 23 non-injury crashes in the Sandy Point and Oreti Beach area. The weekends in January and February have traditionally been the worst," Senior Sergeant Price said.

During the campaign, which will run through the summer, police will operate in marked and unmarked vehicles on the beach at anytime and in Sandy Point, in an effort to stamp out inappropriate and dangerous driving practices.

"There will a no-tolerance approach for people who commit driving offences. People engaging in 'boy-racer' sustained loss of traction will have their vehicles impounded."

"Vehicle registration, licence label and warrant of fitness should also be current if you intend to user a motor vehicle on the beach. Any vehicle on the beach is required to have these," Senior Sergeant Price said.

Members of the public are encouraged to report any traffic incidents they see at Oreti Beach using the *555 number.