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Mother reassured by party register

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As the festive season fast approaches, a Palmerston North mother has commented on how a party register set up by police gave her "peace of mind".

The register was set up earlier this year by Acting Sergeant Lance Kennedy as a means of reducing the risk of disorder caused by gatecrashers at private parties.

The idea is for organisers of parties to register their events with Palmerston North Police. They in turn get tips and tactics about how to control the party, such as information about trespass, behaviour offences, noise control and so on. Contact is made with the organiser before the event and again during the evening to check all is well, and patrol officers are made aware, giving them the option to do the occasional discreet drive-by.

The first person to use the system was Jackie Campbell who saw an article in the local press about the register and heard people talking about it. She had organised a party for her son's 18th birthday with about 100 guests.

Shortly before the event started she went to move her car and saw a passing patrol car. "They told me they were doing a patrol of the area to check on the parties that had been registered," said Mrs Campbell. "They said that they would not be driving constantly up and down, but to give them a call if I had any problems. It gave me a lot more peace of mind and reassurance to know that they were there is if needed them for anything."

Thankfully the night ran smoothly and Mrs Campbell didn't need police services, but the register is also designed to have a deterrent affect.

"I told my son I had registered the party," said Mrs Campbell, "and he told all of his friends, so I am sure word would have got round and probably deterred anyone from turning up and causing trouble."

If you want to register your Palmerston North party contact the Palmerston North Police on 06 351 3600 or call into the station to register and pick up a party information pack.

Media enquiries should be referred to Acting Senior Sergeant

Lance Kennedy on 0274 458423.