Monday, 15 April 2002 - 12:38pm |
National News

A mother’s plea for safe return of baby daughter

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Baby Kahurautete is very much loved by her parents – myself and husband Justice Edward Durie, and the rest of our whanau.

She’s our darling baby girl, a very biddable baby with a wonderful nature.

Saturday started so well. We were enjoying our walk together with two of my nieces. Now someone out there has our baby and we’re devastated. We want you to know that you are holding our little treasure, our special gem.

She’s only eight months old but she smiles and chuckles. She’s sitting up but can’t walk or talk yet. To the man who took her – you have nothing to fear from her.

Our baby is very strong, very intelligent. You can see it in her eyes. But she will be frightened by what has happened. She will be looking for and needing the love and reassurance of her family.

Perhaps you’re frightened. I’m frightened. I’m as scared as a mother can be. Maybe you didn’t mean to take our baby. It all happened so quickly.

Don’t you be frightened. You can walk away from this by making sure our little child is returned safely to us.

She needs to be warm and dry. She needs regular feeds of milk and light solids. Please, wrap her up warmly and put her in a safe public place where she’ll be quickly found and reunited with us. That’s all I as her mother wants. It’s what our family wants.

Kahu has three to four bottles of formula a day. She is used "Nutricia Karicare Gold 2." This a follow on formula for infants over six months. Baby also has solids such a pureed vegetables and user "Huggies 32xl" toddler nappies.

To others who know where our daughter is, we need your help. If you’ve ever been close to a little child you will know what our daughter means to us.

Please, think of our anguish. Call the police with any information that might help get our baby back.