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Drink Driving - Wellington Area

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29 December 2008

Drink Driving - Wellington Area

The Area Commander of the Wellington Police, Inspector Kevin Riordan is advising motorists to take care on the road this Xmas period.

He advises the Wellington Police will have additional staff out testing for drink drivers on New Years Eve and New Years Day. He states "It is of concern that since 1st December 2008, 83 motorists, have been caught drink driving in the Wellington Police Area". He states this number increases if we add the additional numbers of drink drivers caught by the dedicated Traffic Alcohol Group who operate the Alcohol Bus.

He warns that motorist traveling into town on New Years Eve and New Years Day can expect to be stopped at random checkpoints around the city and breath tested. These checkpoints by his staff and those of the Traffic Alcohol Group may cause delays in travel, so he is warning people to leave for their destinations early.

He states that alcohol is one of the main contributors for the causes of road trauma and Police want to take alcohol impaired drivers off the roads, for the safety of the rest of the road users.

He advises all motorists "to have a sober driver or make alternative travel arrangements, it is better to be safe than people chance their arm by limiting themselves to a certain number of drinks".

He said "to ensure that the roads are a safer place in the next year vehicle occupants need to ensure they buckle-up and drive to the speed and conditions. His staff noticed a marked increase in traffic crashes during the recent Wellington downpours, where motorists did not adjust their driving to the conditions and this lead to an increase of crashes. These crashes have had a marked affect on people's ability to get around during the traditional holiday period.

He states that Speed & Alcohol are a killer on our roads and Police will be actively enforcing the law in these areas.

Kevin Riordan

Inspector, Acting Area Commander