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Op Dallington - release 14

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"The man whom Police were seeking, who was in the area on the night of Mellory's murder, driving the silver Ford Focus, has made contact with the investigative team and provided a statement which all adds to the information that we are now building up," says Detective Inspector Greg Williams.

"At this stage in the investigation we still believe it is likely that Mellory has been picked up from her corner by a vehicle at around 10.45 pm and the telephone enquiries definitely indicate that all is not well by 11.30 p.m. as she failed to reply to the next set of texts that were sent to her at that time. This also seems to fit with her watch stopping at 10.58 p.m.

"This all infers that the violent attack on Mellory that evening was within a very short time frame. We also know that there would have been considerable blood loss at the point where she was attacked or in any vehicle that she would have been carried in, or onto anything that she might have been wrapped in.

Again I remind the public to think about people they know who had access to a vehicle, were out and about on the night of the 18th of December, whose demeanour might have changed, who are reluctant to use their vehicle, have suddenly sold it or said it has been stolen, have cleaned their vehicle or made any alterations to it.

To date we have now identified approximately 144 prostitutes who work on the street around Manchester Street and about 40 minders. It has been a huge task tracking these people and talking to them but we have gained some great information about incidents occurring both before and after the murder.

To date we have not identified the vehicle or driver for the XR 6 or XR 8 Ford Falcon that Mellory was seen to sit in. The team has now identified about 100 cars locally and has also sent out about 20 enquiries to other towns. I am pleased with the information we are receiving from the public and we have had a number of positive lines where males driving similar cars, that have used prostitutes, have been nominated.

Finally we know that there have been males in four wheel drive vehicles that were in and around Manchester Street and Peterborough Street around the time that Mellory must have been picked up. This included a dark coloured one either black or blue with chrome wheels and tinted windows.

Another one of interest is a male in a blue four wheel drive that was possibly a Hilux, who approached one of the girls at about 22.35 hours and asked for prices. He is described as a male Caucasian, slim, with grey stubble, balding at the front with brown, greying hair at the back. She said that he was rough looking and was wearing a blue jersey with holes in it. If this was you or sounds like someone you know then please contact us at the homicide base.

Detective Inspector Greg Williams

Op Dallington