Tuesday, 27 January 2009 - 11:24am |
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Police Seek Witnesses To Stabbing Incident

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Dunedin police are seeking further witnesses to the stabbing incident which occurred in Bay View Road last evening, resulting in the death of a 21-year-old woman.

In an operation dubbed Operation Moa, a team of 36 detectives and police staff are spending today examining the scene and interviewing witnesses including family, friends and neighbours of the victim. ESR staff from Christchurch are assisting with the scene examination.

"While we have already spoken with a number of people and are continuing to do so today, we are also keen to hear from anybody else who may have witnessed the events surrounding this incident, which involved an argument and physical altercation on Bay View Road shortly after 9pm last evening," said Detective Senior Sergeant Steve McGregor.

Detective Senior Sergeant McGregor said there had been five 111 calls to the Southern Communications Centre and, in particular, they would like to hear from the people who made those calls. There were also other witnesses police were trying to identify and locate who had seen something or heard something in the area where the incident occurred.

Police are setting up a caravan later today near the address at the Kings High School end of Bay View Road. Members of the public can call into the caravan if they have information to pass on to police, or alternatively contact the Dunedin Police Station directly.

A post-mortem is being held today but it appears that the woman has died as a result of multiple stab wounds, Detective Senior Sergeant McGregor said. A 50-year-old man who has self-inflicted stab wounds is in a stable condition in Dunedin Hospital.

Police are not seeking anyone else in relation to this incident, Detective Senior Sergeant McGregor said.

The two people involved were partners, he said. They had been living at the address at Bay View Road until the incident occurred. The incident appeared to have happened following an argument between the couple, Detective Senior Sergeant Steve McGregor said.