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Forensic analysis reveals hit and run vehicle had blue paint

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ESR forensic analysis of clothing worn by the victim of a hit and run in a Wellington bus tunnel nearly two weeks ago has revealed that a blue coloured vehicle was involved.

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton, Wellington CIB, said finding the vehicle with this coloured paint is crucial in helping to find the driver who was responsible for the hit and run.

Wellington man Mr Earl Krayskopf was walking through the bus only tunnel at the top of Pirie Street as a shortcut through Mt Victoria to his home early on Saturday morning, 31 January.

He was hit from behind by a vehiclealso using the tunnel as an illegal shortcut and received multiple serious injuries. The hit and run happened between 3.15am and 4am.

Mr Krayskopf is still in intensive care at Wellington Hospital and requires further surgery to repair injuries to his lower body.

Detective Senior Sergeant Thornton said very little information has come in from people who were in the Mt Victoria area at the time Mr Krayskopf was injured.

"We hope that the paint analysis from fragments on the victim's jacket may focus public attention to a blue vehicle that has recently been damaged.

"From the extent of the victim's injuries and the paint fragments on his clothing we know that the vehicle involved will have some body or paint work damage.

"The driver or owner may have taken it to a panel beater for repairs. They may have tried to fix it themselves or have parked it up out of sight.

"If anyone has any information about a vehicle with blue paint that has recently been damaged then we would like to hear from them," he said. "The driver who struck Mr Krayskopf must know what happened. We urge that person and anyone with information about the hit and run to contact police."

Call Wellington Police on 0800 TIPOFF or 381 2000.

Released by:

Kaye Calder

Wellington Police District communications manager

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