Friday, 10 April 2009 - 5:17pm |
National News

5pm, Easter Friday- NZ Police Saddened by Atrocious Start to Easter Weekend

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In the last 24 hours five New Zealanders have passed away as a result of crashes on New Zealand roads. These people aren't statistics; they are people - family members, friends and members of communities.

NZ Police Road Policing National Manager Paula Rose believes Kiwis often think that crashes happen to 'other people', but the truth is, that these tragedies could happen to anyone. "When the people who have passed away in the last 24 hours commenced their journeys, they would not have been aware of what was to come" Superintendent Rose said.

NZ Police would like you to think about how your families and friends would feel if you weren't here tomorrow. Let that thought motivate you to take every precaution you can this long weekend, and every time you're on New Zealand's roads.