Friday, 8 May 2009 - 5:58pm |
National News

Police officer's body recovered

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Police have retrieved the body of slain police officer Senior Constable Len Snee.

Armed police entered the Chaucer Rd property this evening just after 5pm. His body was recovered from the driveway of the property.

Eastern District Commander Superintendent Sam Hoyle said it was a relief to be able to bring Len's body away from the scene.

"We are pleased for the family that we are able to bring him out - it has been a traumatic and immensely difficult time for them," Mr Hoyle said.

The offender remains at the Chaucer Rd property.

Police cannot give any details about how entry was gained to the property, what tactics were used and how many staff were involved.

No-one was injured during the retrieval.