Tuesday, 26 May 2009 - 11:38am |

Christchurch Central Police community meetings

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Christchurch Central Police are holding two community meetings over the next two weeks.

1. Wednesday, 27 May, 5pm at Linwood College Students' centre.

2. Wednesday, 3 June, 7pm at Avonside Girls High School hall.

This offers the newly appointed area commander, Inspector Derek Erasmus, an opportunity to introduce himself and his team to the community. He will outline crime and crash issues in the Central Policing area.

It also offers the Central Police a great opportunity to get feed back from the community on what the issues are for them and the things they want Police to focus on in the future.

People are invited to contact Acting Senior Sergeant Philip Dean, phone 3637447, before the meeting to discuss the issues and give an indication on what they would like to hear about.