Wednesday, 27 May 2009 - 2:00pm |
National News

Whangarei wildlife keeper fatally mauled by tiger

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A male wildlife keeper was fatally mauled by a white tiger while cleaning an enclosure in Whangarei's Zion Wildlife Gardens today.

Northland Police District spokeswoman Sarah Kennett said two keepers had gone into the white tiger enclosure about 11am today when one of the two tigers in the enclosure attacked a keeper.

Despite the beat efforts of the second keeper and a rapid response from other wildlife park staff, the tiger would not let the park worker go and he died at the scene.

The tiger was destroyed by wildlife park staff.

Police will not be releasing the keeper's name until next of kin have been advised.

Police and OSH staff are investigating the incident which is believed to have been witnessed by a group of eight overseas tourists.

Victim Support staff have been called to the scene to help the distressed park staff and visitors. The park has now been closed to visitors.

MAF and the Coroner have also been advised.