Thursday, 28 May 2009 - 9:50am |
National News

Police preparing for busy roads

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South Island Police are gearing up for a busy weekend on the roads, as holidaymakers take advantage of the last long weekend before winter sets in.

Five-month-long Operation Tahi is still in force with patrols along State Highway One from Picton to Bluff, but Police will boost that with a presence on all other main routes to cater for the expected holiday weekend traffic.

Senior Sergeant Neville Hyland of Canterbury Highway Patrol says the annual Brass Monkey rally in Central Otago will mix large numbers of motorcyclists with other road users.

"Motorcyclists are over-represented in recent crash statistics, and many will be travelling great distances to get there over a busy weekend, increasing risk," says Hyland. "We urge them and other road users to take care, be aware of each other, and apply common sense and patience."

He recommends using headlights on all vehicles throughout the weekend to enhance visibility, especially in the type of weather conditions encountered at this time of year.

Trips should be planned in advance allowing plenty of time to reach your destination, including time to take rests along the way to reduce the effects of driver fatigue. Slower drivers are urged to closely watch their mirrors, and to pull over when they can safely do so to allow following traffic to pass.

"In summary plan your trip, be patient and considerate, drive to the conditions and arrive at your destination safe and happy," says Hyland.