Thursday, 11 June 2009 - 8:16pm |
National News

$20,000 Reward re Tisha Lowry, missing person

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NZ Police are offering 'a reward up to $20,000 for any material information or evidence which establishes the location of Tisha Lowry or her body or leads to the conviction of any person or persons responsible for the disappearance or death of Tisha Lowry.' (Full details on

Detective Senior Sergeant Virginia Le Bas says it is now 8 months since Tisha was last seen and someone must have that piece of information that will lead police and her family to her.

"Tisha was last seen on Sunday 25 September 2008 after she had been to a local hotel with her grandfather," she says. "She has never been seen again. People do not usually disappear by themselves; someone has the key."

Virginia Le Bas appeals to people to reconsider what they know and come forward so that the family may have some peace.

DSS Virginia Le Bas; phone 374 1763, 027 271 4508

D/ S Paul Merrett; 027 436 3703 .