Thursday, 12 June 2003 - 4:38pm |

Police weekend operation targets alcohol

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Wellington Police are targeting excess consumption of alcohol and its impact on crime and the roads as the city gears up for a big rugby test weekend.

&#34Moderate your drinking and you’ll stay safe,&#34 advises Senior Sergeant Doug Rowan, the head of this weekend’s operation.

Forty police staff from across the Wellington District, including the Traffic Alcohol Group, will be working on Saturday night in the central city.

Staff will be at the Westpac Trust Stadium during the rugby, and will maintain a very visible presence on the streets throughout the night. This includes patrolling the key entertainment bars and clubs.

&#34We want everyone to enjoy themselves and to do so safely,&#34 Mr Rowan says. &#34We encourage people to moderate their alcohol intake, look after their friends and take a sensible approach when it comes to going home.

&#34If you’re thinking of drinking and driving, then forget it. We’ll be working around the clock.

&#34Make sure you have a sober driver behind the wheel or arrange alternative transport home.&#34