Monday, 13 February 2017 - 7:01pm |
Auckland City

Abduction in Eden Terrace - statement from press conference

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At around 1.50pm this afternoon a woman aged her in mid-20’s was walking on Haslett Street in Eden Terrace.

She saw a couple of parked cars with a man standing next to them. As she passed the man he grabbed her from behind and managed to drag her into his car, into the front passenger seat.

The man drove off with the woman in the vehicle. During this time a struggle took place in the car and at Copeland Street the woman managed to break free, open the door and jump out of the moving car.

Two members of the public saw the car leave at speed, travelling back towards Ian McKinnon Drive. The woman was injured and distressed, and they went to her assistance and called Police immediately.

The victim was taken to Auckland Hospital where she was treated for moderate injuries.


The man and the car are described as the following;

-Maori or Pacific Islander aged in his 30’s

-Large build

-Around 184 centimetres tall

-Tattoos on both arms

-He was wearing a red and white checked shirt, with a grey t-shirt underneath


The car is described as;

-Dark silver or grey

-A medium-sized SUV similar to a RAV 4 or Honda CRV

-Described as being very clean inside

 “This is a very clear description which will mean something to somebody, especially the red checked shirt with the grey t shirt underneath, tattoos on both arms, and driving a grey/silver SUV.

We believe that this is a sexually motivated attack and we need public help to find this man and his car” says Det Snr Sgt Glenn Baldwin, Auckland City Police.

During the victim’s escape the door opened and hit the wing mirror of a parked car. It is possible that the offender’s car has damage on the left side.

“I know that this will be alarming to people across the Auckland area but I can reassure everyone that we are doing everything possible to find this person. We have a scene examination underway and officers are going door to door in the area.

We are also contacting businesses and residential addresses with CCTV in the area. Anyone who has a CCTV camera in the area who has not yet been contacted by Police is asked to get in touch immediately” he says.

Anyone who has seen a man fitting this description in a car of this type should call the Auckland City Crime squad on 09 302 6557.

“I am also appealing to anyone who knows a man of this description to come forward to Police. This is a very serious crime and we want to catch this man as soon as possible” he says.

Private messages can also be sent to the Auckland City Police Facebook page. 

Information can also be given anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Media: Unless there is a significant development there is not expected to be a further update provided until after 10am tomorrow. 
Beth Bates/NZ Police