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Attestation parade for Wing 302 recruits

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The first new constables of 2017 will graduate on Thursday 2 February from The Royal New Zealand Police College.

Forty new constables will be graduating as part of Wing 302 and will then be deployed across eight districts around the country.

The graduating constables are made up of 28 males and 12 females with the youngest being 21 and the eldest 42. Those graduating come from a diverse ranges of backgrounds with qualifications in everything from teaching and law through to nutrition, relaxation massage and butchery.

Seven of the new constables are following in the footsteps of family members who have served with New Zealand Police or law enforcement agencies overseas. The 40 new constables hail from New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, China, Fiji, Germany, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 

Three of the recruits have come other roles in Police and five have previously been part of the Armed Forces.

One of the new recruits, Stephan Sengler was born in Germany and at 18 was required to complete compulsory military or social service. Constable Sengler chose social service and worked with refugees in Asia.

“Working with extremely poor refugees was a life-changing experience. I found that the most under privileged families are the most welcoming people. Those who have the least give the most. I joined New Zealand Police because I love the outdoors and wanted to get away from a 10-hour sitting in front of a screen job and go out into the real world working together with my community and in a fantastic and respected team.”

Patron of Wing 302 is former New Zealand Race Relations Conciliator Gregory Fortuin who has a passionate desire to make a difference by fighting social injustices and has been a leader in race relations and community issues.

Mr Fortuin grew up in South Africa at a time of apartheid. He grew up in a designated coloured area and went to a designated coloured school. Later he worked for an international insurance company in Cape Town, and as the first coloured person in his division he had to sit on the other side of the partition and was not allowed to use the same toilets as the white people. He transferred to an insurance company in Australia and then to New Zealand as a managing director.

In 1998 Mr Fortuin was appointed as South Africa’s Honorary Consul to New Zealand by the leader of the new post-apartheid South Africa, Nelson Mandela. In the role he represented the new South Africa – a nation of inclusiveness and reconciliation.

From April 2001 to October 2002 Mr Fortuin was New Zealand’s Race Relations Conciliator, advocating for a nation of unity that embraces diversity. He is currently the National Director Education and Employment for the Salvation Army and is a member of The Royal New Zealand Police College’s Cultural Advisory Board.

Awards to be presented during tomorrow’s Attestation:

• The Commissioner’s Award for Leadership (in recognition of outstanding potential to lead self and others) is awarded to Constable Richard Purvis – posted to Waikato District.
• The Minister’s Award for First in Wing is awarded to Constable Julie Sparrow, who is posted to Canterbury District. This award recognises the top student after the collation of all course assessments.
• The Patron’s Award for Second in Wing is awarded to Constable Nicole Somerville – posted to Auckland City District.
• The Prevention Award (for demonstration of operational skills and prevention practices) is awarded to Constable Julie Sparrow– posted to Canterbury District.
• The Response Award (for demonstration of safe practices and tactical skills) is awarded to Constable Richard Purvis – posted to Waikato District.


The Attestation Parade for Wing 302 will take place at The Royal New Zealand Police College on Thursday 2 February 2017 at 2pm.
The ceremony will be attended by Deputy Commissioner District Operations Viv Rickard, Wing Patron Gregory Fortuin and other members of the Police Executive.


Issued by Police Media Centre

Media outlets wanting to attend the Attestation are asked to contact Kelly Mitchell on 021 910 162, and to please arrive at the college no later than 1.30pm on Thursday.