Wednesday, 12 January 2022 - 10:57am |

Busy holiday period for Southern District Police

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Police will continue to maintain a presence on Southern roads in a focused effort to keep all road-users safe. 
The holiday period is proving to be extremely busy for Southern District Police, who have been working hard to ensure all motorists get to where they’re headed safely this summer. 
However, it’s disappointing to see some motorists continue to put other road-users at risk through unsafe driving behaviours. 
On 8 January, a motorist was clocked at a speed well in excess of the maximum speed limit, near Cromwell. 
The driver tested positive for excess alcohol in an evidential breath test, blowing more than double the legal limit, and was also unlicensed. They are due to appear in Alexandra District Court tomorrow. 
Fortunately, the targeted and proactive approach Southern District Police are taking on the roads this summer, meant the driver was pulled over before further risk to the driver and other road-users could be caused.
Otago Lakes Central Road Policing Manager Senior Sergeant Sarah Thorn says she’s thankful such a risk to motorists was removed from our roads.
“Having a motorist travelling at that speed, while twice over the legal limit is tantamount to a ticking timebomb to a catastrophic tragedy on our roads. 
“I’m just glad that our increased presence and visibility on the roads meant this driver was removed from the roads swiftly.
“I’m hopeful our continued vigilance and proactive approach to safer roads will act as a deterrent and reduce these kinds of risks throughout the course of summer.”
Officers will continue to target times and locations we know are high risk and continue to undertake prevention and enforcement activities accordingly. 
These include speed enforcement, breath alcohol testing, and operations around people using cellphones while driving, as well as checking that everyone is wearing a seatbelt. 
An increase in socialising at this time of the year is natural, but drinking and driving simply cannot be mixed - if you’re going to drink, plan your ride home before heading out so that you are not driving.  
Issued by Police Media Centre.