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Can you help in Police Ten 7 case?

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Police are urging people to tune into Police Ten 7 tonight as we appeal for public assistance to help our investigation into the disappearance of Bridget Simmonds.

The 42-year-old mother of two has been missing since February.

The last confirmed sighting of Bridget by her family was on Saturday February 23, when her mother dropped her off at the Countdown on Kamo Road, Whangarei.

She had been staying with her mother in Kerikeri prior to her disappearance. She became extremely worried after not hearing from her for two weeks.

Bridget was reported missing on March 6th and Police have been making a number of enquiries, and have issued several appeals to the public for information since.

Detective Constable Joseph Reuben says despite those appeals, Police have only received a small number of calls from members of the public.

“We are doing everything we can to try and find Bridget, and have carried out extensive CCTV enquiries and have been doing numerous appeals,” he says.

“Tonight’s Ten 7 episode includes some new information about Bridget’s last known movements, and I’m hopeful it might result in people coming forward with information that can help us find her.”

Detective Constable Joseph Reuben urges anyone who may have seen Bridget on February 23, or who knows her and has spoken to Bridget in the weeks prior to or since her disappearance, to contact Police.

“Her family adore her and are extremely worried about her, and understandably, are desperate for answers.”

Bridget was last seen wearing a dark coloured singlet and has a large distinctive tattoo on her upper left arm of a fairy tangled in vines holding an orb.

Anyone with information as to her whereabouts can contact Detective Constable Joseph Reuben on 09 945 4733 on or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Adriana Weber/NZ Police