Christchurch Police investigate Ensors Road road rage incident

Christchurch Police investigate Ensors Road road rage incident


Please attribute the following to Senior Constable Mike Phillips:

Christchurch Police are investigating a road rage incident which occurred last week and would like to speak to those involved.  

At approximately 4.45pm on Tuesday 18 July, 2017, at the right turn lane from Ensors Road near Ferry Road, a man was seen pounding on a black car with his fists.

As the driver of the black car tried to drive away, the man continued to hit his roof and windows.

The driver of the black car then heavily accelerated in reverse, missing the car behind it, and driving across a lane and into the side of another car in the next lane.

The collision caused some damage to this stationary car and bruising to the driver, a heavily pregnant woman, who had been stationary in her car and waiting for the traffic signals to change.

The black car then drove off across the median and travelled south on Ensors Road.

The attacker who had been hitting the car got into an unknown vehicle and travelled north onto Aldwins Road, ahead of a cream or white flat-deck truck.

The woman in the stationary car was badly shaken up by this incident which could have had serious implications for her pregnancy. Fortunately, she was assessed in hospital and there were no issues.

Police would like to hear from the driver of the black car and anyone else who can identify the attacker or his vehicle.

Businesses and individuals in the area with CCTV are asked to check for any evidence of the truck and the vehicle ahead of it on Aldwins Road.

Any information relating to this incident should be forwarded to Christchurch Police on 03 363 7400, quoting file number 170719/0078.

Information may also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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