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Christchurch Police urge festival goers to drink responsibly and keep themselves safe

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Police are advising Christchurch concert-goers to drink responsibly at festivals in the coming weeks.

There are several concerts in Christchurch in the next few weeks, including Electric Avenue, Andy C and Netsky, which will be a fun day out for those attending as long as people drink in moderation.

Sergeant Dave Robertson says at the LAB/Shapeshifter concert last Saturday at Hagley Park there were a number of highly intoxicated people who were refused entry or removed from the venue.

“Our staff were also aware of a number of attendees pre-loading and walking into the event carrying and drinking alcohol when there was a liquor ban in place,” Sergeant Robertson says.

“Police don’t want to stop people from having fun and encourage you to have a good time in the safest way possible.”

Here are some tips from Police to keep yourself and your friends safe:

• Don’t line up with alcohol in your possession or there may get a $250 fine on top of your ticket price

• Pre-loading might seem like a cheap way to get ready for a night out, but you won’t get into a bar or concert venue if you’re intoxicated

• Drink plenty of water and have some kai before heading to a gig

• Excessive drinking can impair your judgment, making you vulnerable to causing or becoming a victim of crime. 

• Look out for each other and make sure you and your mates all get home safely.

Police’s primary focus is on the well-being of everyone, so if you require assistance please reach out – they’re there to help.

People can also ring 111 if they require immediate assistance.


Issued by Police Media Centre