Thursday, 2 February 2017 - 1:09pm |
National News

Commissioner welcomes significant investment in policing

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Police Commissioner Mike Bush says today’s announcement by the Prime Minister represents a very significant and welcome investment in New Zealand Police.

“This investment increases our workforce by almost 10 percent over four years,” says Mr Bush. “I look forward to welcoming the 1,125 new police staff who will help us achieve our mission of being the safest country. They will join a very committed team who are working hard to keep our communities safe.

“The Prime Minister’s announcement includes putting an extra 880 new Police officers into frontline roles including response, organised crime, gangs and methamphetamine, child protection, family violence and in rural and ethnically diverse communities.

“While crime is lower than it was five years ago, we have seen an increase in demand for police services in these areas. The addition of these new staff means we can deliver more to support victims, prevent crime and hold offenders to account. The investment will see an increase in resourcing for every police district.

“Police are also increasing our team of police employees by 245 staff over the same four year period. Police employees are invaluable to the work we do by providing support services to the frontline such as communications centres, intelligence teams and in specialist roles.

“These new roles will continue to ensure police have the right tools and resources to do their jobs and achieve the best possible outcome for victims.

In addition to these 1,125 extra staff, Police have also received funding to establish a new single non-emergency telephone number and to increase our air support capacity through 24/7 availability of Eagle year round.

“A new single non-emergency number will mean members of the public can reach police for non-urgent issues by calling a single number, no matter where in the country they are. Their calls will be answered by specially trained staff who will be able to assist the caller with their query in a timely and efficient manner.

“The increased capacity of Eagle will mean it is available 24/7 with a deployment time of between 10-15 minutes as soon as a call comes in – this will be on top of the work they will continue to do as Police’s air support.

“I am delighted with the decision Government have made to further invest in Police and in the communities we are here to serve.  We will now begin the process of recruiting these new staff.

“Policing is an exciting and rewarding career, and I encourage all New Zealander’s who have thought about becoming an officer to take a look at the difference you could make with us.

“For those of you who do choose to join, I look forward to welcoming you over the coming years into one of the best jobs you could ever have.”