Tuesday, 14 February 2023 - 4:27pm |
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Cyclone Gabrielle – Police establish Major Operations Centre

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Report missing people or let us know you’re safe

Police have today established a Major Operations Centre (MOC) at Police National Headquarters in response to Cyclone Gabrielle.

The MOC is providing logistical, resource and communication support for all districts under emergency management.

An online form has been set up for people to register the names of family or friends uncontactable in storm-affected areas.

Cyclone Gabrielle has severely impacted electricity supply and communications in parts of the North Island, particularly Tairawhiti and Hawke’s Bay.

During the first 72 hours of an emergency, all resources — including telecommunications — are stretched.

Police urge people to try their usual methods of communication first, whether that’s a phone number, email, social media or a pre-planned emergency meeting place.

When all means of contact have been exhausted, anyone with genuine concerns for a person’s safety is asked to provide as much information as possible via the 105 online form.

Police will use that information to make further enquiries, as and when able.

Those with online access can let us know they’re safe by submitting their details here.

Police across the country, particularly in the North Island, continue to support emergency response groups and partner agencies.

Police are particularly focussed on Eastern District, where patchy communication has made the emergency response challenging.

An additional 12 staff with Search and Rescue speciality skills have been deployed to the district and further support is under consideration.

Across the country, Police are working to get support where it is needed, including evacuating people to safety, and managing road closures and hazards.

Police are asking people to call 111 for emergencies – this means if you are in immediate danger or a life-threatening situation.


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