Wednesday, 23 December 2015 - 2:28pm |
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Don’t let burglars ruin your holiday

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Regardless of where you live in New Zealand, you should take steps to keep your home and property safe. When leaving your house or going on holiday for any length of time make sure your home looks ‘lived in’. Tell your neighbour when and where you’re going, cancel your mail and newspapers.   

Make sure you keep all your doors and windows locked and always guard your keys.  Don’t have personal details on your keys, like your name, address or phone number.  Don’t leave your house keys with your car keys. Lock all your tools and ladders away because burglars could use them to break in. 

Give your neighbour or someone you trust a contact phone number, especially if you have a house that’s alarmed but not monitored, that way if the house alarm goes off, someone can contact you.  

Don’t hide a spare key outside in an obvious place, as burglars might find it and get in to your house.  To make your home more lived-in you could put a lamp on a timer in your house and open up your curtains and blinds.  There are many more ways to not let burglars ruin your holiday.

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