Tuesday, 11 April 2023 - 10:02am |
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Easter holiday period ends with one road death

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One person has died on the roads during the Easter holiday period.

While this is lower than last year's Easter period, Police are reminding motorists to not get complacent, says Superintendent Steve Greally, Director: National Road Policing Centre.

“I’m pleased the majority of drivers have had a happy and safe holiday period and haven’t had their Easter break devastated by that call from a Police officer telling them their loved one has died,” Superintendent Greally says.

“However, we – alongside our road safety partners - are urging people to not accept that death and serious injury on our roads is inevitable.”

Superintendent Greally says it’s about drivers and road users making simple decisions to keep themselves and others safe.

“It’s really not rocket science – wear your seatbelt, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, remove distractions, and slow down.

“Police will continue to focus on these four behaviours, and, together with our road safety partners will continue to work towards no one being harmed on our roads.”


Issued by the Police Media Centre