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First firearms collection event this weekend in Christchurch

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The first firearms collection event takes place at Riccarton Racecourse this Saturday 13 July and Sunday 14 July, providing firearms owners the initial opportunity of many to hand-in prohibited firearms for buy-back and amnesty. 

This is one of 258 events that will run across the country over the next 3 months.

Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement says Police recognise this is a big change for the law abiding firearms community. “We want to work with firearms owners to make this process as seamless as possible during the buy-back and amnesty period.” 

“It’s about doing the right thing for the safety of all New Zealand,” says Deputy Commissioner Clement.

Safety is crucial at the events, says Deputy Commissioner Clement, asking people to ensure they’ve cleared their firearms of all ammunition and placed them, and any parts, in a safe carry bag.

To speed up the process at events, owners need to complete the online form on our website before coming to an event – including listing each firearm and/or each individual part you are bringing along.

If your firearm can be modified to make it non-prohibited, or you may have a unique, collectable firearm, please go to our website for more information before attending a collection event.

An updated price list and a video showing how the collection events work are live on our website.

Before attending a collection event, please remember to bring the following with you:
• Your firearms licence (if applicable)
• Photo identification (drivers licence or passport)
• Your bank account number
• Your online notification reference number
• All your prohibited parts, cleared of all ammunition
• Any other non-prohibited firearm/s or parts you wish to hand-in to Police.
• A valuation if you believe your firearm fits the unique prohibited criteria.

More events will be listed soon on Police’s website to ensure that the firearms community gets every opportunity to hand-in firearms before the amnesty ends on 20 December. The collection events are being held at locations across the country and details with venues, dates and times are on our website.

For more information visit our website  or call 0800 311 311.

Editor’s note:

• The buy-back price list, amended as at 8 July 2019, includes the addition of 18 firearms and four semi-automatic parts, as indicated by an asterix on the list.

• There has been no adjustment to the pricing of firearms or parts listed in the original price list published 20 June 2019.

Issued by Police Media Centre