Thursday, 20 June 2019 - 9:15am |

Hawke's Bay Police urge motorists to wear seatbelt

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Hawke’s Bay Police are frustrated and concerned that the message to wear your seatbelt is not getting through to drivers in the area.

“Over the last month a number of seatbelt checks have been carried out in the Hawke’s Bay area. In a total of 10 hours, a staggering 170 people were issued with infringement notices for failing to wear their seatbelt,” Eastern District Road Policing Prevention Manager Senior Sergeant Dan Foley says.

“A significant number were also ticketed for using cell phones.”

Senior Sergeant Foley says motorists are 60 percent more likely to survive a crash in the front seat if they are wearing a seatbelt, and 44 percent more likely to survive in the back seat. 

In the last month there have been two fatal crashes in Hawke’s Bay where drivers who were not wearing seatbelts have died.

“In any crash, drivers have a much lower chance of survival if they are not wearing seatbelts and we are seeing this far too often.  Simply ensuring that everyone is wearing a seatbelt can prevent a tragic loss of life,” Senior Sergeant Foley says.

“Police maintains our focus on the four main causes of death and serious injury on our roads. These are people failing to wear restraints, people driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, fatigue or distraction – mainly by using cell phones – and going too fast for the conditions.

“Police are asking everyone who gets into a car to put on a seatbelt and if someone in the car fails to do this, the others in the car must remind them. It’s basic safety, it’s your protecting your life.

“Safety on our roads is everyone’s responsibility and putting on your seatbelt is absolutely crucial in saving lives.”


Issued by Police Media Centre