Friday, 3 May 2019 - 12:44pm |
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Improvements to information sharing between DIA, the Registrar-General, Births, Deaths and Marriages and Police

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A new automated system that makes the sharing of information between the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), the Registrar-General, Births, Deaths and Marriages and New Zealand Police more efficient and secure has gone live.
The system allows Police 24/7 access to passport and birth information, making it easier to identify a person police are taking enforcement action against. This is particularly valuable when police have arrested a person or suspect that a person has breached a court order.  
“This electronic access to passport and birth information improves Police’s ability to better manage the identities of people entering the criminal justice system,” says National Manager Criminal Investigations Tim Anderson. 
The improvements build on recent automated access for Police to driver licence images held by the NZ Transport Agency, as well as immigration data and photos from Immigration New Zealand (INZ).  Police can send a subset of data back to INZ under certain conditions.  
The information sharing through the automated system is enabled by the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationship Registration Act 1995 and the Privacy Act 1993.
This work, referred to as the Progressive Steps Project, is part of the response to the Government Inquiry into the escape of Phillip Smith/Traynor.
Issued by Police Media Centre.