Tuesday, 22 September 2015 - 5:02pm |

Joint statement from Police & the Fire Service on Swanson Road fire

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The man who died following a fire at a Swanson Road property last night can now be named.

He was Mr Tesimale Kisona, aged 65 years old, from Tuvalu.

Police and the Fire Service have now finished the scene examination. A number of people who were in the units at the time the fire broke out have also been interviewed.

Sadly, it appears that a young child playing with a lighter has accidentally started the fire.

“This is a tragic set of circumstances and the welfare of this child and his family is paramount. We have systems in place to ensure that both the child and his family have any support they need in the coming weeks and months” says Detective Sergeant Mike Clubb, Waitakere Police.

Mr Kisona’s family are being supported by Police Pacific Liaison staff and Victim Support. The exact cause of Mr Kisona’s death will be the subject of a pathology report and the Coroner will determine how Mr Kisona died.

“This is a terrible reminder of just how important it is to keep matches and lighters away from young kids. Every time we discover that a fire has started this way, our hearts just sink” says Gary Beer, Senior Fire Risk Management Officer, Waitemata Fire Area.


Beth Bates/Waitemata Police