Sunday, 30 April 2017 - 1:48pm |

Keeping the roads safe around schools in Eastern District

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Please attribute to Inspector Matt Broderick, Eastern District Road Policing:
With schools back from the Easter break tomorrow, Police are reminding drivers to take care on the roads and keep our kids safe - especially during the start and finish of the school day
Eastern District Police will be out and about near our schools to keep things as safe as possible, but we are asking the public to do their bit as well.
Motorists are asked to slow down near schools and be alert to potential unexpected behaviour of children on or near a road - such as bikes or pedestrians crossing the street. 
Police will be enforcing speed limits around schools with a 4 km/h tolerance level- 20 km/h is the maximum speed when passing a school bus that  is dropping and collecting children on the side of the road, so slow down and keep the roads near schools safe for everyone.
If you're dropping your young ones to school, remember to ensure they are wearing their seatbelts - as well as your own! Remember to avoid distractions that may take your eyes off the road - such as cellphones or turning around to talk to the kids.
Remember, Police cannot do it on their own - road safety is everyone's responsibility.