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Nelson Police believe Lipp-Neighbours' disappearance involved foul play

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Leo Lipp-Neighbours

Nelson Bays Police investigating the disappearance of Nelson man Leo Lipp-Neighbours more than three years ago say information received from the public has led them to the conclusion Leo's disappearance may not be an accident.

Detective Sergeant Mark Kaveney said a dedicated investigation team had spent the last 10 months closely reviewing all aspects of 19 year-old Leo's disappearance and the searches completed for him.

Leo was last seen in Watson Street, Nelson on Sunday 24 January 2010. Neither he nor his distinctive orange Toyota Corolla Station Wagon has been seen since.

Detective Sergeant Kaveney said police were continuing to receive a constant trickle of information from the public and that had built a picture that led the investigation team to the conclusion that the disappearance now appears suspicious.

"The wide range of information we have received leaves me considering the fact that Leo's disappearance is the result of another person's actions," Detective Sergeant Kaveney said.

"We are speaking with a large number of people and we believe there are other people in the Nelson community who know exactly what has happened.

"It is time now for those people to come forward, tell us what they know, and enable this matter to be brought to a conclusion."

Detective Sergeant Kaveney said Police had remained in contact with Leo's family since his disappearance and he would dearly like to get them some answers and some closure.

"I believe that we are now looking for someone who has committed a serious crime against this young man. That person must be held to account."

In 2010 Crimestoppers offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the location of Leo and his vehicle. That reward is still in place. Crimestoppers will determine the amount of the reward to be paid, and will, if necessary, apportion payment where there is more than one claimant.

Anyone who has information that may assist this investigation can call Nelson Police, Ph 546 3840.

Anonymous information can be given by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.



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Leo Lipp-Neighbours
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