Thursday, 20 November 2014 - 1:06pm |

New details about investigation into homicide of Brett Fraser to be released on "Police Ten 7" tonight

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Waitemata Police investigating the death of 51 year-old Brett Fraser will release new information about the case on tonight's "Police Ten 7" show.

Mr Fraser was killed on Tuesday 21 October, at the Glen Eden warehouse building where he and his flatmate were living.

The investigation into Mr Fraser's death, named Operation Frankfort, has been underway for a month and though steady progress has been made, Police will tonight be appealing for assistance from the public, including releasing details about the events that took place in the building on the night Mr Fraser was killed, and the possible motivation behind the attack.

Mr Fraser's flatmate, who was injured in the attack, has spoken about his ordeal and this will also appear on the Police Ten-7 item.

Detective Senior Sergeant James Bothamley, Operation Frankfort says; "We're also releasing a description of two items that were taken from the dwelling during the attack on Mr Fraser and his flatmate. Someone out there may have been offered them and so I encourage people to tune in tonight, they may be able to help us bring whoever is responsible for this man's death to justice."

Police Ten 7 plays at 7.30pm on TV2, Thursday.


Issued by Beth Bates/Waitemata Police