Wednesday, 8 March 2023 - 1:40pm |
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New images obtained from Pike River Mine

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New images have been obtained from the latest boreholes drilled at Pike River Mine.

Work began on the first two of 10 additional boreholes in late January.

Drilling was completed just over a week ago and good images were obtained from both holes.

Detective Superintendent Darryl Sweeney says while the video will be studied further, an initial analysis provides useful information. 

“Images obtained from the second hole, at the location of the main fan, showed considerable damage.

“We can see the roadway connecting the fan area to the drift has completely collapsed. 

“The fan shaft and some of the housing for the fan blades can be seen, as well as the fan motor.

“All of the new images will further inform our ongoing criminal investigation into the first explosion at the mine in November 2010," Detective Superintendent Sweeney says.

Drill rigs have been moved to the next two drilling sites – at the end of the drift, in an area known as Spaghetti Junction, and at an intersection near the Goaf intake road.

Weather dependent, the boreholes will take between five and 10 days to drill, with imaging expected to take place within the fortnight.


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