Tuesday, 11 August 2020 - 12:29pm |
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New Zealand Police and Australian Federal Police partner in child exploitation case

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A 31-year-old Sydney man is facing child exploitation charges following an investigation involving Australian Federal Police, New Zealand Police’s Online Child Exploitation team, and Wellington Police.

New Zealand Police’s Online Child Exploitation team identified that a man who appeared to be sharing child abuse material was located in Sydney and advised the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation.

“Child exploitation is an international problem that requires a joined-up approach,” says New Zealand Police’s Manager: National High Tech Crime Group, Kelly Knight.

“We have long had strong ties with Australian law enforcement agencies and the outcome of this investigation is an excellent example.

“Those who share child abuse material are not, and will not be, protected by borders or by their perceived online anonymity.”

AFP Detective Superintendent Ben McQuillan says, "This investigation shows that the AFP stands shoulder to shoulder with our international counterparts in the fight against child abuse.

"It serves as a warning for people who use, share or create child abuse material – you are not anonymous and we are hunting you down."

A full list of charges and court details is available on the Australian Federal Police website.


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