Tuesday, 28 October 2014 - 1:26pm |

Northland Police pleased with driver behaviour over Labour Weekend

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Northland Police were pleased to see most motorists driving well over Labour Weekend.

There were 11 non-injury crashes in the weekend, but no fatal or serious injury crashes.
The official holiday weekend ended at 6am today.

Northland Road Policing Manager Inspector Murray Hodson says a majority of the 11 crashes were due to speed or driving too fast for the conditions. Some of them were due to drivers losing control on bends, which is often caused by driving too fast.

Mr Hodson says police received 94 *555 calls in relation to poor driver behaviour.
“We were able to respond 46 percent of these calls, as the callers provided some very good information. Our response is based on the priority of the situation and the information we receive, so it’s a good idea for callers to give as much detail as possible about the offending vehicle and the behaviour observed.”

Mr Hodson says police were very pleased with the driver behaviour during the holiday weekend.

He says one of the poor driving behaviours he noticed was motorists tail-gating other vehicles when overtaking along passing lanes.
“This is a risky manoeuvre and could easily end up as a serious crash.”

Mr Hodson says the majority of motorists drove sensibly and were patient when among large volumes of traffic.
“It was also good to see people pulling over and taking advantage of the Northland Road Safety Association fatigue stop at Uretiti on Friday afternoon.”

For media inquiries contact Northland Police Communications Manager Sarah Kennett on 09 945 4650 or 021 192 1099